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​Is MEGALIT and the Lagree Fitness Method for me?

The Lagree Method is for everyone and anyone that’s trying to become more physically fit and live a healthier lifestyle mentally & physically. Whether you are a professional athlete seeking to perform at a higher level, recovering from injury, someone who loves to train or needs desperately to train, Lagree Method is for you! Correct form, pace, and mindset are essential for the quickest most effective results. Men & women of all fitness levels, shapes, and sizes should join us at MEGALIT

How can MEGALIT help me reach my fitness goal?

Everyone is very unique. We all have different body types, different fitness goals, different fitness histories, and so on. Knowing all of that, we can still say without a doubt that MEGALIT and its Lagree method will help you reach your fitness goals by working each individual muscle group to fatigue! Simultaneously focusing on strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility, body composition, balance and core for 50 minutes straight non-stop! The Megaformer M3S can be adjusted to fit your strength, flexibility, and comfort thresholds. Be advised these classes are about progressing and achieving fitness goals. Our instructors at MEGALIT are the real deal. Lagree Fitness Instructors all joined MEGALIT to help people lead happier healthier lives. Our instructors are here because they see that the normal workout routines aren't achieving results. Our instructors challenge themselves every day to create a total body workout that’s challenging, purposeful and stimulating! Our instructors are intense, in-shape, knowledgeable and promise to challenge you to muscle fatigue and exhaustion!

What does MEGALIT mean?

  1. MEGALIT was borrowed from the large stone structures called Megaliths. You know. Like Stonehenge.
    Stonehenge. Mysterious. Balanced. Solid formation. Postured. Structurally sound. An engineering marvel and global spectacle, Megaliths!
  2. "MEGA" was borrowed from Megaformer M3S, the ultimate fitness training machine.
  3. "LIT" was initially an acronym for Lengthen, Intensity, Toning! However, it has everything to do with the trending and popular slang word “LiT”. Everyone and everything these days strive to be “LiT” which we believe is the energy and clarity you feel during and after completing a workout!
So in conclusion, our instructors are LiT our sessions are LiT our location is LiT our energy is LiT your mind and body will be LiT... So our studio was named MEGALIT!!!

What is the Megaformer M3S?

The Megaformer M3S is the 4th version of the Megaformer. It is designed for all fitness levels and body types. You can do 400 different exercises on this machine. The M3S is loaded with 8 springs totaling approximately 200lbs of resistance. Learn more from lagreefitness.com.

What is the Lagree Method?

Lagree Fitness combines the high-intensity Strength and Endurance training of CrossFit with the flexibility enhancing benefits of Pilates, all in a circuit training sequence. It keeps the heart rate up and burns extra calories (even after the workout). Megaformer M3S eliminates the pressure on joints and the spine. For the physiologically and technically savvy, the Lagree Method is a multi-faceted workout that combines resistance training and cardio into one comprehensive, balanced system to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body. Balance is created by applying equal focus to all elements of exercise and never prioritizing one facet over another. We believe that form is paramount and should always prevail over intensity. Varying degrees of spring-based tension allows the Lagree Method to adapt to the user during their workout. This immediate adaptability creates a tailored experience that is unique to the student. Because of this, Lagree is the ideal method for all ages and fitness levels.

How do I contact MEGALIT?

Call us at 305.340.1042 for timely matters. If we don't answer, leave a message and one of our instructors will call back as soon as possible. ​Our email works great too if you're in less of a rush. Email us at getlit@megalitfitness.com.

5 differences between Lagree and pilates

  1. The Machine:
    Many clients walk in for their first class thinking that the Megaformer is a traditional Pilates reformer. If that was you, don’t worry you’re not alone. The carriage mobility, handlebars, tension, and the long straps are similar on the two machines; however, the Megaformer has a wider and lighter carriage, adjustable handlebars for different exercises and modifications, shorter handles at the back for more movement versatility, and eyelets on the carriage for leg, core, arm and back exercises. Plus, the Megaformer was designed to create transitions in between each exercise (more on that later).
  2. Pace:
    Not unlike Lagree, in traditional Pilates, you can expect a workout that targets the core muscles of the body (abs, obliques, lats); however, a Lagree class is based on slow controlled movements to work for multiple muscle groups at once, whereas Pilates typically practices faster movements. When you engage more muscles in a short period of time, your body burns energy for longer (think of it like your body working out continuously, even after your workout is over).
  3. Transitions:
    In Pilates, you typically take breaks between each set of exercises (similar to a Yoga class). In Lagree you move quickly into the different moves that make up a class, even though the exercises are performed slowly and with muscle control. Shorter transition times lead to a quicker burnout and a shorter workout.
  4. Stability:
    With slower exercises in a Lagree class, you can expect to use your core stabilizers more. “Why would you want to do that?” Well, your core muscles are activated for better balance, and, as you age, maintaining a good balance is essential for longterm health.
  5. Muscle focus:
    Pilates workouts work well to target specific muscle groups one at a time, while Lagree classes target many muscles at the same time. When you are in a lunge on the Megaformer, for example, you have the option of working both legs, your core, abs, and your arms all at once.
Once you’ve built the foundational core strength, you can never plateau on a Megaformer, because there are many options to increade the level of the workout – i.e. bringing the hands above your head in a lunge to challenge your balance and stability.

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